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[Vox News] Beverly Hills Day Edition

Scratching your head wondering why a city in Californian deserves special recognition? If you’ve been stumped, here’s a clue: Check today’s day. Still in the lurch? Lemme spell it out for you: September 2, 2010 = 09.02.10. If you’re tracking, then give me a cyber high-five for helping mentally resuscitate images of the Peach Pit and the kind of teenage […]

[Vox News] Psoriasis Awareness Month Edition

Sure, Head & Shoulders has the market cornered when it comes to awkward commercials featuring white specks on black shirts worn by dirty people, but unbeknownst to many, psoriasis is not directly correlated to poor hygiene. As we spread awareness on psoriasis, enjoy this new segment we call ‘Foo, did you know!!!’ Did you know… Everyone sheds their skin approximately […]

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