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[Vox News] Get Ready For Kindergarten Month Edition

Preparing for Kindergarten can be an emotionally challenging experience for parents around the country. Saying goodbye to your children as they’re shuffled in a cattle-like manner to their mental grooming pastures can be difficult, but perhaps we need to start looking on that bright side. Think of all the free time you’ll have when you allow this country’s finest educators […]

[Vox News] Becky H. Birthday Bonanza Edition

If you’ve ever gone on a stroll by the CVS on the drag looking for fresh flowers, joined us for any of our liturgies these past 6 years, or stopped by Space 12 during the day, then you have most probably met our resident meteorologist known fondly as Becky. Sure, anybody can whip out their mobile device and see some […]

[Vox News] National Lasagna Day Edition

Sure, having a big bowl of spaghetti with all the trimming is great and all, but what if you didn’t want it looking like a big puddle of mess and would rather eat your pasta that came in the form of a brick? I’m sure that the inventor of lasagna thought the exact same thing after one too many ‘Oh-Crap-I-Just-Dripped-Sauce-All-Up-Ons-My-Shirt-Because-I-Slurped-My-Frickin’-Noodles-Too-Fast’ […]

[Vox News] Spooner Day Edition

Moment of truth, friends. When you discovered today was Spooner Day, what came to mind? Did you: a) Think about the natural resting position of two people sharing a bed? b) Dream of those beautifully rounded feating utensils that come in handy while throwing down some soup or ice cream? c) Have an error in speech or deliberate play on […]

[Vox News] Rabbit Week Edition

Regardless of where you’ve seen ’em, Rabbits of all shapes and sizes are probably one of the greatest furry animal in the world. Whether you’ve seen ’em nibbling grass on the side of the road or hopping around and escaping a predator in pursuit, rabbits seem to have a way of looking great while doing menial activities. Maybe they took […]

[Vox News] A/C Appreciation Days Edition

Unless you live in places like Australia or South Africa where your winter occurs during our summer, ’tis the season that Nelly was rapping about in his chart topping, I-Hate-The-Summer-Heat jingle ‘Hot In Herre’ where he offers up meteorological advice to all his fans and listeners to begin removing garments of clothing so as to reduce one’s body temperature. And […]

[Vox News] Canada Day, Eh? Edition

With great pride and overactive saliva glands, we acknowledge you, our dear brethren and sistren of the massive land mass known as Canada. Your love for hockey, curling and beaver tails has been a world wide inspiration. Your popular agricultural exports of Sugar, Lumber and Steve Nash help us believe that we too can contribute great things to the world. […]