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Get Up and Eat

Jane Patterson reflects on the the ways that God sustains us through life when the journey seems too much for us [1 Kings 19:4-8]. Reflection What have you learned from experience about what truly fuels you in difficult times? What is your experience of the dance of grace and effort in your own life? When has God surprised you with […]

A Call of Love

Matt Inman reflects on the love we have been given and are called to live from [Ephesians 4:1-16]. Reflection What barriers to love exist in your life currently? Who in your life is helping you grow in love? Resources Video: Missouri vs Kansas Football Video: TED Talk – Play is Fundamental (Stuart Brown) Spiritual Practice Does gentleness, humility or patience […]

To The Ecotone of Authenticity

Marlon Hall facilitates an ecological conversation about diversity and reflects on the invitation towards cross-pollination and authenticity [Genesis 1:1-3]. Reflection -What if the gritty spaces we are socially and racially in are an invitation to grow a new culture? -Is diversity an end or a means to the end of a new cultural authenticity? Resources Folklore Films Spiritual Practice -Meet […]


Jason Minnix reflects on the way Jesus lived out compassion and what that means for how we show compassion in our lives [Mark 6:30-34, 53-56]. Reflection What are some of my needs that I am being invited to care for this week? Who am I being invited to shift from empathy to compassion for? Resources Film: Eighth Grade Spiritual Practice […]


Judy Peterson reflects on how God creates everything with intent and purpose and how each of us is a unique reflection of the image of God [Genesis 1:26-27]. Reflection What are the”thats” that are not a part of the “THIS” God had created you to be? Who are the “thems” to which you tend to conform and how might God […]


John Chandler reflects on how the practice of fasting can actually integrate the soul and body instead of simply denying the body [Galatians 5:16-25]. Reflection What has been your understanding of the relationship between your spirit and your body? What might it look like for you to incorporate a regular practice of fasting? Resources Book: Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (Adele Ahlberg […]

Dealing With Pain

Matt Inman reflects on the ways and approaches that we use in dealing with pain in our lives  [Lamentation 3:22-33]. Reflection Are you currently working through pain in your life? What does that process look like for you? When you believe your pain or patterns are too much for God, what does that do to your sense of belonging? Resources […]