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E’s Update: Travels, Teaching & Thanks

So this week brought a lot of good things. My mate and I traveled to some remote regions of this country, visiting a few special villages and a beautiful serene ice-water lake 3 km above sea level, stuck way back in the mountains. We touched base with some friends my mate had met before and our relationship with our driver […]

Dress for Success

Have you ever wanted to use your sewing gifts for a good cause? This is your chance! Space12 is hosting a sewing benefit for Dress for Success this Saturday, October 9th. The event goes from 10am to 6pm and we are looking for seamsters of all skill levels to help us in this venture. Dress for Success is a nonprofit […]

E’s Letter to Vox 9.29.10

Hey Vox, I wanna say thanks again for all the help for five years and especially the last year or so as I got ready to leave—financially and through your prayers and your love you made it possible not just for me to be here but to be here in good spirits, with a good head of faith on my […]

E’s Update: Kebabs, Adulterers & Divine Grace

It’s been a minute since my last one so I’d like to update you on some stuff. /////1 My English classes at the hospital have been going really well. The doctors really appreciate the classes and I get a kick out of trying to fix their grammar, pronunciation, etc. Making some friends there. Please think about relationship progress in this […]

LiNK Screening: Hiding

Come out to Space12 on September 29th (Wed) from 7-9pm for a free film screening from LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) called “Hiding”. This film is about a group of North Korean refugees hiding in China today, and exposes their struggles to survive. You can RSVP on the Facebook event. Hiding Teaser from LiNK Global on Vimeo. [Photo by Katharina […]

Visualizing Our Integration

Paint by number is a pretty easy way to teach children the skill of following directions and staying within the boundaries.  But could it be that cities are following suit?  The image above is a map of Austin detailing the racial integration in different cities.  Similar maps of New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Washington DC can be found […]

E’s Update: News of the Good Variety

Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful end to summer. Got some good news to pass on to you: /////1 September 11, 2010 was peaceful in this town. We are really grateful to everyone who communicated peace and love in this contentious time rather than vengeance and division—including our neighbors here, many of whom didn’t even verbally condemn […]