The homilies during Liturgy become our expression to be with and shaped by the mysteriously living words of Scripture. We have made them available online.

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Community Prayers

Each week at Liturgy we provide an opportunity for the community to voice prayers of thanksgiving and petition in a corporate setting. You can follow those prayers on the website to celebrate with and support our community.

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The Songs of Vox

Music is an integral expression of worship in our Liturgy. We hope that these hymns and songs reflect our longing and gratitude for Christ’s continual work in us.

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Ways to Serve on Sundays

  • Setup. Flexing muscles and exercising jenga expertise. Transforming a community space into a liturgy space.
  • Music. Creating audible beauty through wood, brass, ivory and communal singing.
  • Host.┬áProviding hospitality, preparing bread and wine, and welcoming new friends.
  • Sound. Two turntables and a microphone. Replace turntables with cables and sound board. Multiply microphones.
  • Prayer. Curating thanks and concerns and everything in between for the congregation, community, city and world.
  • Bread. Baking homemade goodness that allows us to celebrate the Eucharist.
  • Director. Liturgy maestro. Conducting the Sunday liturgy team.
  • Rides.┬áSaving fossil fuels by sharing vehicles and picking up vehicleless friends.
  • Greenhouse Kids.┬áTeaching our shorties how to love God and to love their shorty neighbors.

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