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Loving Nearby Neighbors

Judy Peterson reflects on how Jesus invites us to love our nearby neighbors with whom we have conflict with [Luke 10]. Reflection You are sheep and not a wolf. How would you approach your nearby neighbors with whom you have conflict differently if you believed not only that you are sheep, but also that there is a Good Shepherd involved? […]

Community Prayers 2020.11.15

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … my grandmother’s life well lived. Coach my mother’s successful move to a new home where she can live through the pandemic more safely and comfortably. Lena virtual reconnection and the promise of growth within community … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. Prayers of Petition. For … all those who are traveling today, […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.11.15

Liturgy Welcome to this space and workwhich we hold togetherand are held in togetherin many placesand through a variety of technologies. This morning, the pain and joyin our stories and in our bodieshold a kind of truth. May we soften at the edgesof our resistance to that whichis true and good. The pain and joy in our relationshipsand our society […]

Community Prayers 2020.11.08

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … good surgery results for a friend’s son. Sarah a moment of relief and a day of celebration. Alison the promise of democracy. Jenny Vox staff and Nav team. Sarah my department’s financial support of my RJ program, and for the indigenous people who kept these practices. Amy Christ’s victory over death, His healing love on […]

Liturgy, Reflection, and Benediction 2020.11.08

Liturgy As we gather from our week,we hold true to your promise thatwhen two or three – or two hundred –of us gather, you are there.Be among us and within us. Yet we admit that we do not always actas one body, and we let interpretationscome before community. Show us another way to live as the church.Teach us how to […]

Tragic Gap

Weylin Lee reflects on how we are invited to live in the gap between what is and what could be, especially in a divisive season and political landscape [Psalm 70]. Reflection What is our lament in this current moment and season? How are we moving away from or toward God’s active presence as we live in this gap? Resources Book: […]

Community Prayers 2020.11.01

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … This community’s presence and love for me and my family these last few weeks. Virginia An old dream fulfilled when I least expected it. Syd Jesus seeing us in the midst of our yearning to be close to Him despite our sinful nature. Anslee … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. Prayers of […]