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Epiphany – Favoritism

Weylin continues in the season of Epiphany from the Lectionary and focuses on favoritism in our relationships. [Acts 10:34-43] Reflection: Who are the people we overlook and avoid? Who are those we have difficulty caring for and forgiving?

Advent – The King to Hope For

Matt Chin continues from the Lectionary as we reflect on the second week of Advent. [Psalm 72] Reflection: How are we anticipating the arrival of the king this Advent? How can we live out the justice and righteousness that Christ the king offers to us?


Jason Minnix continues from the Lectionary as he talks through how we engage the tensions in Scripture. [Psalm 118] Reflection: Do you approach scripture with a cognitive (head) or affective (heart) approach? How would it look like to approach it in a paradoxical manner (holistic)? How can you bring the reality of who you are right now to allow Scripture […]


Gideon continues from the Lectionary as he talks through a song about where God dwells. [Psalm 84] Reflection: What is the source of our strength that we lean on to go through the valleys and struggles of life? How do we search for God’s presence? How have you experienced God searching for us in the valleys of life?


Gideon continues from the Lectionary as he talks through a song of help. [Psalm 121] Reflection: How do we respond to the difficult circumstances and seasons in our lives? How have we experienced God’s shade in our lives?

Live the Church – Formation

Weylin continues our series on Living the Church and what spiritual formation looks like in our lives. [Romans 12:2] Reflection: What are the patterns in our life that distract and disrupt us from living the way God intended? Are we allowing Scripture to impact our thoughts and mind?

Fix Your Eyes

John Chandler talks about the image of Christ that we have in our eyes. [Hebrews 11:39-12:2] Reflection: What is our image of Christ and how has it been shaped? What have we made Lord in our lives instead of Jesus?

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