May 26, 2019

Peace I Leave With You

Virginia Cumberbatch reflects on how God can use our anxiety to invite us into spaces of refuge, remembering and reconciliation [John 14:23-28].


  • Remember a time you experienced God’s comfort and care in the midst of anxiety?
  • How might your anxiety serve as a path to spiritual formation this week?


Spiritual Practice

  • This week begin to record the times God’s word has met your obedience and your trust. And may I suggest the following reflection on all the times God has said and done: “I will help you.”  “I will strengthen you.” “I will uphold you.” “I’ll give you what you need.” “I will protect you.” etc…
  • Together let us eliminate one avoidance practice this week to make room for the Holy Spirit.  How can we clear a pathway for the Spirit to be the loudest voice – even louder than our own?
  • How can we step outside the noise of doom, of fear, of chaos this week to practice pursuing peace?

This post needs your thoughts.

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