September 22, 2009

Global Update 09.20.09

Each month, we plan to give an update on our global partnerships. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or want more information.

For India, we’ve had a relationship with Calvary Community Church since we’ve planted. They do work within the largest slum in their city, planting churches, providing jobs and child-care for the working poor. In addition, they have an orphanage of children of lepers with 30 kids that they house, feed, and educate. Our long-term goal is to help them start up a small business from within their community to help sustain their mission work in Chennai.

Although we have had a long term relationship with this church, we have not been able to address this specific goal in much depth. In order to move forward, we would like to form a group of individuals who could 1) communicate more with the church in India, 2) learn more about the gifts and skills the individuals there have to offer, and 3) brainstorm and develop ideas for a creative partnership to explore ways they can be self sustaining. If anyone has an interest in a short or long term commitment to this effort, let us know by contacting the global team through Gideon or Sam. You may find out more about the church on their website:

As far as our involvement in Central Asia, you can check back to previous posts for some details. Space12 hosted a fundraising art show for the NGO who will be leaving in November. If you are interested in receiving prayer letters or offering a one time or ongoing financial support, you can send an email and receive regular updates. There is a possibility of a trip in the spring, so begin to consider being a part of that.

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