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Practicing Mercy

Weylin Lee reflects on an encounter that Jesus has with a foreign woman and how that brings awareness to what limits and facilitates mercy [Matthew 15:10-28]. Reflection: In what ways can we withhold evaluation and judgment in order to practice mercy more freely? What might be some of our cultural blindspots that hinder our ability to practice mercy? Resources: Book: […]

Mirrored Healing

Gideon Tsang speaks about how we see ourselves, God, and our healing [Matthew 18:15-35]. Reflection: Who has permission in our lives to help us see what we can’t see? How does that feel to know that God’s love and forgiveness is limitless? Resources: Podcast: This American Life -Fear and Loathing in Homer and Rockville Book: Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg […]


Gena Minnix speaks about fulfillment and how Jesus invites us to meet our needs creatively [Matthew 14:13-21]. Reflection: What “self-talk” messages do I tell myself about my needs? Do I have a need that never seems fulfilled? How might I name that need to God and my community? Resources: Video: The Prestige Book: Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg Video: Sharing […]

Happy Hour [Jul 20]

Happy Hour has moved to a new location! Lazarus Brewing @ 1902 E 6th St.! Happy hour is a great opportunity to see each other throughout the week, connect, and get plugged in to Vox. Questions? Email Vox Happy Hour Team [Photo by Brad McMurray @ Flickr]

Being Good Guests

Matt Inman reflects on who we direct our compassion towards and how we sometimes get in the way of living it out [Matthew 10:5-16]. Reflection Where do you over-complicate your life and love by carrying around extra “equipment”? What is one small, humble act that would exercise your compassion and put you in the position of being a good guest? […]


Gena Minnix talks about what it means to belong and the vision Jesus left us with for Christian community [Matthew 28:16-20]. Reflection: Who among us needs to hear the message, “You belong”? How do I enjoy being playful with God and others? Resources: Article: Don’t Think You Have a Yoga Body? Video: Whose Line is It Anyway Improv Video: Don’t […]

Yoga [Aug 7]

When: Monday July 3, 6:45pm Where: Space 12 Instructor: Meng Ke Yoga brings movement to our bodies, quietness to our minds, and can be a valuable component to our spiritual practice. Thanks to our wonderful Vox yoga instructors, we can make space in our busy schedules for some self care with a monthly yoga class at space12. Dust off your […]