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Lent: Suffering

John Chandler reflects on what will come of our season of lent where we open ourselves up to brokenness, grief and suffering [Romans 5:1-11]. Reflection What suffering already might be present for you to take hold of? How have you not allowed hope to birth out of your suffering?

Learning to See

Gideon Tsang talks about how we can learn to see the kingdom of God here and now and how we can see as God sees [John 3:1-17]. Reflection: What does it look like to create space in this lent season? How can you live out of your worthiness this week?

Kindness to the Other

Jason Minnix explores how to respond to violence with loving kindness, both towards ourselves and difficult people in our lives and world [Matthew 5:38-48]. Reflection: What in my life needs kindness today? How can I extend compassion to the people who are difficult for me to love? Resources: Book: Rosenberg, Marshall. “Nonviolent Communication.”

Stories We Tell

Sarah Berson explores the stories we tell about ourselves and about God [2 Peter 1:16-21]. Reflection: What am I hiding that God is inviting me to bring into the light? What would it look like to share my fears with God in a meaningful way this week? Resources Video: Hail Caesar – Religious Leaders Meeting Icons: Jesus’ Parables -illustrations by […]

Maturing Obedience

Weylin Lee talks about the things that a maturing obedience should move us towards and how they might help us make life-giving decisions instead of life-limiting ones [Psalm 119:33-40]. Reflection: How can we live from our heart instead of our ego? What would a movement toward contentment look like? Resources: Podcast: This American Life-Fine Print Podcast: On Being- Joan Chittister […]

Changing Our Minds

Gideon Tsang reflects on what it would look like to have our minds continually changed to discover the mind of Christ is already in us [1 Corinthians 2:1-8]. Reflection: When did a moment of powerlessness change you? What’s scares you about being vulnerable? Resources: Podcast: Fresh Air- Mike Birbiglia Video: Manchester by the Sea

Forget Your Perfect Offering

Gena Minnix talks about what Jesus says and invites us to do in the context of difficult times and seasons [Matthew 5:13-16]. Reflection: How can I practice experiencing and feeling the full range of human emotions? Who in my life is living in shadow? What parts of me remain in shadow? What’s my imperfect offering today? Resources: Video: Doctor Who […]