July 17, 2017

Nonviolent Communication [Jul 26]

This summer we will be hosting a series of 4 workshops introducing Nonviolent communication. This framework gives us a different way to navigate challenging conversations – moving us from tendency to cause pain to one of healing. “I have come that you might have life.” We will unpack some of the overlaps between NVC and Jesus’ interactions with people as well.

Our hope is that this framework will equip us to better live out our values of Empathy within a Posture of humility, especially in difficult discussions around sexuality, race, politics, etc. In a world that keeps splitting itself time and again, it’s rare to find spaces where people are making efforts to be curious and listen with compassion to our areas of difference.
We encourage participants to attend all four workshops.
Please bring a potluck snack to share, and a notebook and pen.

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Workshop Dates (all workshops run 7pm-9pm):
June 21
July 12
July 26
Aug 9


Book: Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg
Podcast: Gideon Tsang on Pentecost & Nonviolent Communication 06.04.2017: Pentecost Sunday
Podcast: 07.25.2017: What Do You Want?

NVC I: Identifying Feelings and Needs
Our first workshop introduces the practice of Nonviolent Communication, and walks through several exercises related to identifying our own feelings, and the needs behind them. Please go through each exercise and allow time for practice before session II.

Workshop I Resources:


[Photo by warren kirk @ Flickr]

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