We’ve put together a small collection of info about Vox Veniae that we think you’ll find useful. We look forward to meeting you.


We live in a culture where being in a church means shopping and consuming community. We invite you into a beautiful alternative, Liturgy, which means “the work of the people.

Every Sunday at 10:30am
@ Space12 (3121 E 12th St)


Greenhouse Kids

Weekly gatherings for shorties anchored by snacks, prayer and scripture to learn what it looks like to love God and in turn, their short neighbors. Greenhouse is available for kids under 12 on Sunday mornings during Liturgy after the announcements.


Rhythms of Liturgy

  • Worship. The central reason for our existence, to love and honor the One who holds our existence.
  • Confession. To reflect and articulate the things we are doing but shouldn’t and the things we should be doing but aren’t. To give thanks for mercy and grace and to live in a new way.
  • Scripture. To be with and shaped by the mysteriously living words of Scripture.
  • Prayer. To support and celebrate with each other through prayer.
  • Eucharist. To celebrate death and resurrection and to be reminded to live resurrection.
  • Benediction.  To be blessed so that we can bless. A weekly rhythm of being sent to live the church in our homes, neighborhoods and work.


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ZAMYN Middle & High Schoolers

ZAMYN is our community of middle and high schoolers who are participants of our liturgy and once a month they have dedicated time together as a group during liturgy.



Participating with God’s grace in our life long journey as learners. The goal? To be like Jesus.

Midweek Groups

Clusters that meet throughout the week and throughout the city to facilitate spiritual formation and care. A central piece of these groups will be incorporating a Rhythm of Life that we each express in our lives.

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Rhythms of Formation

These are rhythms and practices that we have found helpful in spiritual formation and development.

  • Rhythm of Life. Seasonal goals we set together in order to be spiritually formed together.
  • Lectio Divina. The historic practice of listening to, meditating on and savoring scripture.
  • Prayer of Examen. The Jesuit practice of reflecting on God’s love and presence throughout our day.
  • Fixed Hour Prayer. The Jewish rhythm of prayer throughout the day.


Finding ways for our lives to intersect.  We can do more together than we can do alone. 

Post-Liturgy Lunch

Join us for lunch after liturgy to meet new people and reconnect with our community. We’d love to meet with you.

January 15Black Star Co-op @ 7020 Easy Wind Dr.

Vox Happy Hour

Join our hosts on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 6-930pm. Our locations rotate, so check back often!

January 19Rio Rita @ 1203 Chicon St

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Care Team

The Vox Care Team helps connect individuals in the Vox community with resources that support them in their journey.

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As a tiny slice of what God is doing in the world, we hope to connect with others locally and globally.

Local Missions

We have local partnerships to help us engage and serve the city of Austin. From supporting homeless brothers and sisters in need through Mobile Loaves and Fishes to helping families who have fallen on hard times through Foundation for the Homeless. We have our very own Space12 as a vehicle to connect with the surrounding neighborhood of East Austin and we have also started a Good Neighbor Fund to help neighbors of the Vox community.

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Global Missions

We have global partnerships with organizations in Delhi, India such as the Ashish Centre and the Create Commission. We long to learn from their expression of how the church should be lived out and we also want to generously share any resources that we might be able to offer them.

More about Global Missions

The Story of Vox


In 2006 a group of friends set out to learn how to be a church and Vox Veniae was born. Our hope was that we would be reflective of, learn from and reach the beautiful city we lived in. Over the years we moved from campus to Hyde Park and finally now to East Austin.

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Read our Vision  |  What We Believe


Over the course of our journey as a church community, our values have surfaced to the top. They capture who we are and shape who we hope to become.

Vox’s Values


From our Navigation Team to our Admin Team, everyone contributes to who we are as a church. We strive to hear and follow God’s leading for our community.

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ECC Denomination

We understand the value and benefit for our church to being a part of something larger than ourselves. In the summer of 2011, Vox became a part of the ECC denomination.