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SXSEast @ Space12

Download the SXSE poster here. Space12 will be hosting The Round as well as a few unofficial SXSW shows during the week of March 17-21. Please contact Sam if you’re interested in volunteering. Here’s the complete rundown: 5619 Tuesday Date: Tuesday, March 17 Time: 6-10pm Bands: Sad Accordions, Nicollete Manglos, Matt Graham &    the Stranger Cousins, Kid on Holiday Cost: […]

The HeliOS Project

This is an entry taken from the Blog of helios. It’s called Space12. What was once a place that only the bravest would tread, is now a place where you can find good things. Safe things. Space12 has allowed The HeliOS Project to start a bold initiative within these Walls Of Hope. Space12 goes beyond a “community center”. It is […]

Computer & Tailoring Classes

Our friends from India sent us an update this week. Check out to find out more about their church community. Dear Vox Veniae, Greetings in Jesus’ Name. Thank you very much for your support and help towards our ministry. Last week I have distributed the certificates to those who completed the Computer and Tailoring courses(6 month course July – […]

Dwight Friesen

This coming Sunday is the last chance to sign up at the early bird rate for our upcoming getaway.  One of the many exciting parts of this weekend is the opportunity to sit under world-class teaching.  Last year we got to sit down for a few days with Chris Seay.   This coming year we have the honor of spending […]

The Global Parish

SHARED LEARNING || SUSTAINABILITY || HUMANITARIAN AID As we enter into year three at Vox, we want to start taking steps in being involved with what God's doing globally. In the era of globalization, we are becoming more aware that how we live, what we buy, and our daily choices affect the global community in real often damaging ways. Paradoxically, […]

Birth of Space12

Vox Veniae was birthed in 2006 in hopes of bringing together a community that is tired of just attending a church program but wanted to actively live the church in our beloved city of Austin. This hope began to take shape as several Vox families and individuals migrated away from the comforts of suburbia & campus life and moved to […]

Space12 BBQ/ Ex: Change Garage Sale

This Saturday (from 9am-2pm), we will be holding our first event at the community center — Space12. The event is called Ex:Change and its a big garage sale of our excess stuff for the East Austin community. All of the proceeds from Ex:Change will be donated to the local schools in the community. We are looking for more items for […]