Midweek Group List

The following is a list of our current Midweek Groups and leaders. Please signup through our midweek group form. If you are wanting to plug in to one of the available groups, please mention that in the signup form.

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East Austin – mixed group @ 7pm (full)
Trevor & Candice Boehm

East Austin – mixed group @ 7:30pm (full)
Trevor McCurry

South Austin – mixed group @ 7pm (full)
Sam Fagan & Shane Sellstrom


East Austin – mixed group @ 7:30pm (full)
Douglas McMorris & Esther Sanders


East Austin – women’s group @ 7pm (available)
Amy Wolfgang & Austyn Douglas

Central Austin – couples group @ 7pm (full)
Dave & Jen Massman

Central Austin – couples group @ 7pm (full)
Josh Cody

East Austin – mixed group @ 7pm (full)
Jake Patterson & Elyssa Schroeder

Central Austin – mixed group @ 7:15pm (available)
Madeline Strickland

Central Austin – mixed group @ 7:30pm (full)
Jordan & Natalie Vonderhaar

South Austin – couples group @ 7:30pm (full)
Mike & Kirsten Kaiser

Central Austin – women’s @ 8pm (available)
Autumn Barker


North Austin – couples group @ 7pm (full)
Marcos Acosta & Celeste Johnston

Central Austin – men’s group @ 7:30pm (full)
Travis Perkins & Jedda Bragg


Central Austin – seasoned friends @ 3pm (available)
Su Santostefano


East Austin – newly married (full)
John Crouse

Central Austin – mixed group (available)
Lars Anderson