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Prayers for Washing Dishes

The following Celtic Prayer was written by the SouthEast neighborhood group. Click here to see the other prayers. — I — Washing the dishes Fresh water trickling down hands Peace enters my soul — II — Holy Father, When I approach the sink and focus my thoughts,      reveal your character to me. Quiet my mind and bring your perfect peace. […]

Neighborhood Prayers

Each of our Neighborhood groups had an opportunity to pick a routine activity and write their own Celtic prayers. Feel free to use them as a part of your daily activities. Prayers for Washing Dishes by the SouthEast Neighborhood A Prayer for Brushing Teeth by the NorthEast Neighborhood A Commute Prayer by the Midtown Neighborhood A Breath of Fresh Prayer […]

Celtic Prayers

The Celtic movement during the Middle Ages developed a holistic form of spirituality with applicable parallels for today. The monks would often pray through their daily activities. They found even the most mundane activities as opportunities for talking with God. Some of these prayers were specific to waking up, or starting the morning fire, or taking care of their flocks, […]

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a way to approach scripture that has proved fruitful to the historical church. It means ‘divine reading’ and started in the Benedictine order but is now widely practiced in the church. It’s a way of praying with Scripture that calls one to study, ponder, listen and finally, pray from God’s Word. The Four Moments Lectio Divina has […]

Neighborhoods Map

Check out the locations below and click on the map to find out where you’re meeting. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs or email us. A. Midtown  (Wednesday @ 7pm) [north of 35th St and west of I-35] Contact: Patrick Sun (email | map) B. South/Central  (Wednesday @ 7pm) [south of 35th St and west of […]


We have been in a conversation with our community about what it would look like for us to love our Parish, Austin.  The following is background info regarding the Parish:  Basically, a geographic area assigned to a particular church. Various church traditions have used the parish system to ensure every area is served by a church. It's usually thought of […]


In a world of individualism and consumerism we are trying to be a community of shared resources and generosity. As Christ gave his life away we are called to do the same. The more generous we are as individuals, the more generous Vox can be to Austin and the world around us. We hope our generosity can translate into participation […]