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[Vox News] National Waffle Week Edition

One of the greatest inventions known to humankind, the Waffle is a culinary creation chock full of splendor and gastronomic greatness. Known for its deliciousness and ninja-like versatility, the Waffle takes on many shapes and sizes, and boasts the unrivaled characteristic of being going well with anything. I mean, what other food can be turned into a cone or french […]

[Vox News] Labor Day Edition

Are you working hard or hardly working? Whether you’re lazy or laborious, this weekend’s for you!! With good weather, great friends and colorful confetti, party hardy, peoples!! And what’s a better pairing to Labor day than the start of College Football? Seriously, the only work one should be doing is creating a crevice with your derriere on your favorite couch […]

[Vox News] Back To School Week Edition

After months of mental atrophy by way of floating the river, traveling the globe and catching up on the latest fashion trends, it’s no wonder students all around the world arrive on campus with bright eyes and bushy tails, ready to ingest, digest and regurgitate the latest volumes of Calculus, Nietzsche and Martha Stewart. I mean, one can only handle […]

[Vox News] National Aviation Week Edition

Paper airplanes. Bottle rockets. Michael Jordan. What do all three of these have in common? If you guessed ‘things that fly’, you are WIN!!! In recognition of National Aviation Week, dust off your old R. Kelly CD and start flipping that propeller on your cap while dreaming of the day we can buy tickets to visit Mars. If that’s not […]

[Vox News] National Panini Month Edition

Griddle marks on your burgers and steaks? Thumbs up fo sho!! But griddle marks on your sandwich? You’ve gotta be kidding, right? If you’ve never had a panini, then you have yet to live life, my friends. Whether you’re a meat eater of vegetarian, getting a prosciutto and fig spread sandwich or PB & J grilled only enhances your delightfully […]

[Vox News] International Clown Week Edition

Do you own really colorful pants that are 15 sizes too big? Are you trying to find an appropriate time to bust out that yellow wig and red nose? What about that pair of oversized shoes that makes Shaquille O’Neal’s feet look like Kolaches? If your closet is home to any of these items, then this week’s for you!!! If […]

[Vox News] National Cheesecake Day Edition

Käsekuchen. Gâteau au Fromage. Branza. No matter your language of choice, Cheesecake is totally off the heezy fo sheezy!! Of course,there will always be a debate as to where you should go for the world’s best slice of cheesy goodness, but no matter how you slice it, Cheesecake has got to be one of the best creations to ever come […]