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[Vox News] National Field Trip Month Edition

Three cheers for outside the classroom learning!! Granted, there is much knowledge to be imparted from teacher to student within the confines of one’s school premises, a field trip is the ace in the hole that guarantees you a victory. Whether it’s a simple jaunt to your local wildlife holding zone known fondly as a zoo, or an extravagant outing […]

[Vox News] National Caramel Month Edition

Considered the chameleon of certain culinary confectionary circles, Caramel has just as many uses as Lady Gaga has outfits. In its gaseous form, it can be used to mask odors from sweaty socks to week old meat, or used as a perfume. When gently dabbed on your wrists and neck, caramel gas, has been scientifically proven to woo that special […]

[Vox News] Squirrel Awareness Month

Just as the Lion is known around the world as the King of the Jungle, the mighty Squirrel roams the plains of our urban Jungle with a confidence and guile that rivals those possessed by your typical ostentatious schoolyard bully or lip-synching teeny bopping pop tartlet. Combining a fearless precision with an irresistible charm, the typically unassuming Sciurus Carolinensis will […]

Community Research

Our friend Nadine Romig is a PhD student in American Studies at the University of Texas. One of the main ideas she is researching is how faith and the cultural geography of place relate to each other. She will be conducting an ethnography of Vox over the next year, which includes observing and talking with our community and participating in […]

[Vox News] National Punctuation Day Edition

Some say that the spice of life can be found through the appurtenance of variety and surprise. In much the same way, Punctuation is that spice in the English language that run-on sentences covet. Not since the accidental press of the Caps Lock button has such emotion, passion and surprise been so eloquently promulgated to the masses. With the wily […]

Vox on Facebook

The best way to keep up to date and receive the weekly newsletter is by joining the Facebook group and adding Vox as a friend on Facebook. Click on the following links: 1. Join the Vox Facebook group 2. Add Vox as a friend 3. Add Space12 as a friend We promise to not Zombie bite you, nor will we […]

[Vox News] National Line Dance Week Edition

With the plethora of dancing shows that have jettisoned ballet and breakdancing into the stratosphere of a pirouetters paradise, why has Line Dancing been relegated to the D-League? Is it not sexy enough? Does the lack of season ending moves make it unappealing? Is Line Dancing not worthy enough of receiving a Mary Murphy scream? If there’s a type of […]